Daylight Monster

by Daylight Monster

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Recorded and mixed by John Miller
in CT in 2014. Mastered by Mitch Raskin.
Special thanks to Anna, Meral, John,
Elena, and all our friends and family.


released July 13, 2015

John Paul Chirdon – voice, drums
George Vasilopoulos – guitar, keys, voice
Matt Gelbs – bass, keys, voice



all rights reserved


Daylight Monster New York

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Track Name: Attention
I'm not trying to get attention,
Just putting shape to how I feel.
The less you care about invention
the more room for me, and him,
and him, and her, and us.

We're not bent on destruction.
We're just trying to tap the sun.
The less you make of our intentions
The less we care about your guns.

If you only know what it felt like
To light a fire in space.
No air nor echo to carry it on
A big boom of private grace.
We're not trying to get attention.
Track Name: Unknown
Missed a call from the unknown today
While I was doing nothing at all.
Just filling dirt into holes…Still
It seems, I'm a man in demand.

Last weekend, during run time.
Early this week, sleeping off the night.
Yesterday, while I was away.
And today...

I wonder what they could have wanted.
What I might have won.
What they might concede to me.
The answer might be coming.

If you wanted so badly
to hear the timbre of my voice
You could have left a message.
I might have never listened.

Wonder what they could have wanted.
What I could have done.
What reputation precedes me.
The answer might be coming.
Track Name: Pretty Good
The circle's in the sky.
There's no one near the door.
I've got you on my side.
You've got me on your side of the bed.

There's time for us to use up.
Nothing needing fixed up.
We're not curing cancer.
No one needs an answer.

You can't hear the siren sound.
When your miles away.

I saw it—I saw it in your eye.
You're worrying
About the footnote's baby.
I saw it—I saw it in your eye.
You're thinking on a speck of dirt.

Let's spin around and around.
Lose track of the map.
It's all pretty good.
We're pretty good.

You can't see the lights go out
When your eyes are closed.